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Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently. Learn from AIR 4 – JEE ADVANCED.

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Welcome back to “Learn from the best”.


We present you our Fifth story today with Lohith Ravuru. This time Apurva and Varun Koppisetty have reached out to AIR -4 holder of JEE ADVANCED -2014.

Lohith Ravuru, is an undergrad at Computer Science and Engineering, IIT-BOMBAY.


Lohith is very passionate about what he does and he is a kind hearted person. When we reached to him he was little busy with his internship but still, he took out time from his busy schedule and gave us some valuable answers which can be utilised by all the JEE Aspirants.


Let’s see what Lohith has for us –

Question – 1: What was your day like when you were preparing for JEE?
Lohith – During my preparation, the day usually starts at 6:00 am with a class till 8:00 am. We then have a break for breakfast and we come back for the next class at 9:00 am. The lunch is from 12:30 pm to 2 pm and we have classes after that. The evening break used to be around 4:30 I think and lasts for 30 min. Finally dinner break around 8 pm for 1 hour and we used to go to sleep at around 10-11 pm.
Every day we used to have 6 hours of teaching (2 hrs for each subject i.e, maths, physics, chemistry) along with 6 hrs of practice sessions which are again 2 hrs for each. Apart from that sometimes people(including me) do put some extra effort during the exams on chapters that are difficult to understand or if we feel that we need more practice.
Question – 2: How did you de-stress yourself during the preparation?
Lohith – We had very good times in our break times (around 30 min). We didn’t have a ground to play in our 1st year. We used to play room cricket, mafia (a very popular game which played the main role in reducing the stress), read a lot of novels ( I completed Dan Brown series and Chetan Bhagat series during those days). In our 2nd year, we were blessed with a playground. So we used to play cricket and catches in the ground. We had our outings (partial holidays) every 2 weeks and I watched a lot of movies on those outings.
But mostly, as we were a lot of people living together in the hostels, the best kind of relaxation was talking among ourselves, pulling pranks on other, making jokes, talking about movies or politics and the usual stuff.
Question – 3: What do you think are the key factors behind your stupendous success in JEE?
Lohith – There were not many own strategies involved in my preparation. I used to follow most of the suggestion from faculty. We used to keep short notes of important concepts on each subject and things that we might forget. It was simply practised, find your difficulties and practice and the cycle repeats. One thing that comes to mind is, I used to practice some concepts that I feel problematic not at a stretch on the same day but on repeatedly many days(not every day though).
The main factors that played the major role in my achievement are that I had an excellent faculty(since my high school), supportive parents, competitive and caring friends who supported me in every way they can.
Question – 4: On the day of the important examination there is a lot of pressure on the candidate. How did you tackle this pressure? Any tips on that for students who will be taking their JEE this year?
Lohith – Yeah, on the day of the exam we do experience a lot of pressure. What helped me get through is that I always used to try to give my best and I practised this with every exam that I had during my final preparation days (which were a lot). So the pressure was only until the moment I was holding the paper. As soon as we get into solving the questions it didn’t feel any different. And once we have experienced it the second paper won’t have that much effect on us (or at least that’s what happened in my case). I was confident I was going to get a good rank (not as good as the one I had but good enough to get me to CSE in IIT Bombay). So I guess I was just trying to make it as best as possible.
        I would suggest considering every exam they take during preparation (the final phase as in once the syllabus is completed) as the final one. That did help me to get over some pressure.
Question – 5: How different and fun is Engineering from Intermediate?
Lohith – Engineering is very different from intermediate. I got exposed to a lot of exciting and interesting things that I never knew about. For a start, I choose major in Computer Science which I know nothing about till then. We get a lot of opportunities in college. Of course, we won’t realise that until we get into our final year of college. The atmosphere, starting to learn things on your own, projects, college festivals, internships,  everything becomes a wonderful experience in life.
Question – 6: What do you think you have done better or different than others that resulted in such an outstanding rank?
Lohith – I believe we should not compare one’s achievements with others. Look at one’s success and take inspiration from it, yes but I don’t like comparing the achievements. I think we will have success eventually as long as we retain that motivation to work hard even after having our downfalls.
Question – 7: What are your plans? Do you wish to work outside of India?
Lohith – I am not exactly sure about my plans yet. I think I will work for sometime after my graduation and then go for higher studies. Frankly speaking, I am not yet that sure or worried about whether to live in India or out of India. But I do have the strong motivation to come back to India and contribute as much as I can here if I go live in other countries for my job.
Question – 8: Any word of advice to your juniors?
Lohith – I would advise following everything the professors say. I had very good teaching staff who helped me to get through most of my difficulties, academically and mentally. Sometimes the program run by the professors might not go according to our needs. I think it’s best to talk with the professors personally and get the help rather than trying to devise our own plans till we are confident about our concepts. During the final phase of preparation or for that matter even during the normal phases, after every exam, we take, analysing our mistakes from it and knowing the concepts which we are weak at is very crucial. Because only if we know that we are facing some difficulty in that part we can do something to rectify it.
       For the future aspirants, don’t just think about getting the best rank in JEE. Your main goal should be towards mastering the concepts related to JEE. Try to get better at it every day. Find your Achilles heel and try to overcome that as much as you can. When you give your best, the result speaks for itself and you will not have any regrets over your preparation.

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