Interviewed by – Apurva P, 3rd year ECE, NITK.





Welcome back to “Learn from the best”. We present you our fourth story today with Srinidhi Prabhu. This time Apurva and Varun Koppisetty have reached out to AIR -1 holder of JEE MAINS -2014. His name is Srinidhi Prabhu, he is an undergrad at Computer Science and Engineering, IIT-Madras.

Let’s see what Srinidhi Prabhu has for us –

Question – 1: What was your day like when you were preparing for JEE?

Srinidhi – “I used to study for 11 hours a day in 1st PUC and gradually increased it to 12-13 hours a day in 2nd PUC. It was just a matter of hard work.”


Question – 2: How did you de-stress yourself during the preparation?

Srinidhi –  “I had in fact given up on all other activities during my preparation. The only way I used to de-stress myself was talking to my parents.”


Question – 3: What are the mistakes students usually make while preparing for JEE? How can they be avoided?

Srinidhi – ” There is a lot of time constraint when you are solving a mains paper. Students tend to make very silly calculation errors.The most tricky part in JEE is that all the options are very close to each other. Maintaining your cool throughout will be of great advantage.”


Question – 4: Did you take any other exams apart from JEE? If yes, what was your score?

Srinidhi – Yes, I had taken two more exams. One was Karnataka CET, in that I got RANK -1  and another was BITS in which I scored – 405/450.


Question – 5: Do you have any immediate plans for Higher studies?

Srinidhi – No, nothing as of now. I think I will be going for placements and then maybe in future, if I get interested in something then I’ll go higher studies.


Question – 6: Do you have any ultimate Goal of life? Like something you want to achieve or change in this world?

Srinidhi – Umm, I don’t know there are a lot of things which interests me but I’m still figuring out. So, nothing as of now.


Question – 7: Do you have any message for future aspirants on tackling the JEE exam?

Srinidhi – “There are some people who can crack JEE by preparing for 2-3 hours. For people like me, the main mantra was hard work.”


So, that was Srinidhi Prabhu. He took out time for us from his busy schedule for this interview so that he can answer few questions which can help all students who are preparing for JEE and we, Engihacks extend our gratitude to Srinidhi for this session and we wish Srinidhi good luck for his future and may God help you in achieving all the success that you want in life

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