Interviewed by – Apurva P, 3rd year ECE, NITK.


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Welcome back to “Learn from the best”. We present you our third story today with Kushal Babel. This time Apurva and Varun Koppisetty have reached out to AIR -4 holder of JEE MAINS -2013. His name is Kushal Babel, he is an undergrad at Computer Science and Engineering, IIT-Bombay.

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Let’s see what Kushal has for us –


Question 1: What do you think are the key factors behind your stupendous success in JEE?

Kushal says – Joining a coaching Institute was one of the main factors which helped me prepare strategically.Personal attitude and honesty would greatly help too.It was a matter of hard work and dedication.


Question 2: What motivated you?

Kushal says – I always wanted to get into one of the premiere Institutions.This motivated me to get a good rank and prepare accordingly. Also, I was informed by my elder sister about all the facilities and opportunities being offered there.


Question 3: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? Do you have any ultimate goal?

Kushal says – Nothing specific as of now. I’m still discovering the various opportunities and will pursue my interests accordingly.


Question 4: Would like to give some advice regarding the preparation strategy for the students?

Kushal says – The coaching material and the professors will be of great help. Most importantly, you need a group of like-minded peers is it for a healthy discussion or competition.


Question 5: Would you like to give an insight into life after clearing JEE?

Kushal says – I would like to clear a general misconception about the standard advice of having a settled life after clearing JEE.
You should remember that you are in a top institution and hence, the hard work and dedication should continue.


Question 6: Do you have any message for future aspirants on tackling the JEE exam?

Kushal says – Clearing JEE with a great amount of competition will seem difficult but its worth it.It gives you an ocean opportunities once you are here.



So, that was Kushal Babel. Who was with us this time in our Interview cum chatting session and we, Engihacks extend our gratitude to Kushal for sharing his views with us and we wish Kushal good luck for his future.


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