Interviewed by – Apurva P, 3rd year ECE, NITK.


As you already know that Apurva and Varun Koppisetty, they have been reaching out to all the top AIR holders to ask them about their story and to get to know some of their secrets. So, that all the JEE Aspirants can take advantage from that and prepare such as to perform better. In continuation to our series – “Learn from the best”.

We present you the second session with the AIR -1 holder of JEE MAINS -2013 – Anagh Prasad. In case if you have missed the first session of this series you can check out that here .


We have compiled some general queries of JEE Aspirants which Apurva had asked Anagh during this Interview cum chatting session and here we present his answers


Question – 1: Congratulations for your outstanding performance in JEE. What was your reaction upon knowing your rank?

Anagh says –  “Two-year long preparation and exams gave me a fair idea as to I would get a good rank. However, rank 1 is something that no one predicts and was a really great moment”


Question – 2: Did you take any Coaching for that? Do you think coaching helps?

Anagh says – “Yes. Coaching helps people to strategize and streamline their preparation. Continuous preparation for two years can sometimes get you off-track and coaching definitely helps you maintain a good balance in ensuring completion of syllabus.”


Question – 3: What was your typical schedule of studies in the first and second year

Anagh says –  “I had to coach three days a week for around 6 hours.I would practice different questions and redo the material after I get back from coaching after 8 pm. Remaining days, I would solve books on my own.”


Question – 4: Any Honours(Olympiads)?

Anagh says – We didn’t take any Olympiad. I had taken NTSE in class 10. That went well.


Question – 5: What are your views on the current paper pattern?

Anagh says –  “I have observed that, in the past couple of years JEE is moving towards Multiple Correct answer pattern. It is important to have a great conceptual understanding to analytical reason out the answer. The present pattern expects you to know different ways of approaching the problem.”


Question – 6: Do you have any plans for Higher Studies or Start-up?

Anagh says – “I’m doing an internship right now. It would help me decide what kind of job I want.”


Question – 7: A word of advice for your juniors taking up mains?

Anagh says –

“Get thorough with the concepts and follow NCERT as much as you can.

Never think of it JEE exam. Just take it as 90 PCM questions. Each rank will be shared by hundreds of students. What differentiates you is how you can maintain your cool without getting overwhelmed.”


So, that was Anagh Prasad. He took out time for us from his busy schedule for this interview so that he can answer few questions which can help all students who are preparing for JEE and we, Engihacks extend our gratitude to Anagh for this session and we wish Anagh good luck for his future and may God help you in achieving all the success that you want in life.


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