Interviewed by – Apurva P, 3rd year ECE, NITK.

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Apurva P, she is a student of Nationa Institute of Technology Karnataka and an active member of this Engihacks community, for the welfare of all the JEE aspirants, she along with Varun Koppisetty (2nd-year NITK) reached out to Utkarsh Kumar, who is the AIR – 5 holder of JEE ADVANCED 2013. Utkarsh is a computer science student who has graduated from IIT Bombay this year. He has already begun his professional career by joining Goldman Sachs and he wants to follow his passion and make an impact in the world and he advises everyone else to do the same.

We have compiled some general queries of JEE Aspirants which Apurva had asked Utkarsh during this Interview cum chatting session and here we present his answers –

Question 1 – What was your preparation strategy for the exam?

Utkarsh says – I studied in CBSE board. Most of the topics were covered in that syllabus by December. The remaining time was dedicated to JEE preparation. I concentrated more on JEE Advance as it involved more crucial and tougher questions which require a strong conceptual knowledge.

Question 2 – How long have you been preparing for?

Utkarsh says – I had been preparing for a period of 2 years(11th and 12th).

Question 3 – Is coaching necessary for JEE?

Utkarsh says – Yes,  it absolutely helped me. First of all, it provided a streamlined syllabus which helped me cover all the important topics without any problems. The tests conducted let you know where you stand and mistakes committed that will definitely help you channelise yourself to improve further.

Question 4 – How important is the gap between Mains and Advanced?

Utkarsh says – The gap is more than sufficient to revise all the concepts. Some topics in Mains are luckily eliminated from the JEE syllabus. So, proper schedule to revise concepts, solving tougher and more analytical problems in this gap would be very helpful.

Question 5 – What was your biggest strength?

Utkarsh says – I basically loved my subjects. I was very interested in problem-solving and hence, preparing for the exam never felt like a burden.

Question 6 – Was engineering always your dream?

Utkarsh says – As mentioned earlier, I have been a person who loves problem-solving. Engineering, being a profession related to analyzing problems, discovering better approaches to solving a given problem was the reason behind opting for engineering.

Question 7 – Any word of advice to your juniors?

Utkarsh says – Do engineering if you really want to.  Always choose to live by your passion rather than falling prey to parental or peer pressure. Finally, make a decision that you should not regret in future. If you are passionate about engineering and if you love the subjects, the exam and the difficulty level won’t matter. Otherwise, all it takes is a persistent dedication and hard work to climb the ladder of success.



So, that was Utkarsh Kumar. Who appreciated our effort and helped us to help you all. He took out time for his busy schedule for this interview so that he can answer few questions which can help all students who are preparing for JEE and we, Engihacks extend our gratitude to Utkarsh for this session and we wish Utkarsh good luck for his future and may God help you in achieving all the success that you want in life.


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