By Pranathi Alla, 3rd-year Computer Science & Engineering, NITK.


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Welcome to our blog! I don’t know how you came upon this page. Maybe your friend shared the link with you or you stumbled upon it while googling. But whatever the case, Welcome. Stick around for a while and hopefully, you’ll learn a thing or two after reading this post.


In India we can all agree that medicine and Engineering are the two most popular career choices. When someone wants to become a doctor, they usually know what kind of a doctor they want to be. But Engineers? Not so much. The biggest thing we lack is awareness on what all Engineering as a career choice offers for us. Most of you reading this have probably recently finished your entrance exams and want to know what branch best suits you.


Read on to find out!



Okay so a very quick briefing. Engineering is the marriage of science and technology. So we Engineers apply our scientific theories and technical knowledge to make the world a better place to live in for everyone. Although there are many different branches that different colleges offer, the following are the more popular ones that are offered in almost all colleges


Computer Science


Do you love coding? Do you consider yourself good at mathematics and congratulate yourself on your awesome logic making skills? Have you always wanted to be a hacker? (Although you don’t really need to be in Comps Science to know that. I’ll get to this later)

Were you always curious on how exactly an operating system functions the way it does? ( For those of you who don’t know what an operating system definition is, the best example is Windows. Basically, the software on which your computer operates). If any or all of them seemed like you, then this is probably the branch for you.


Note: Information technology is also very similar to Computer science.



ECE (Electronics and Communication) & EEE (Electrical and Electronics)


Do you like playing around with electrical appliances?

Have you ever removed it apart and tinkered with one? Did circuit boards or transistors and resistors fascinate you? If so we can narrow it down to the above two.

Now both of these branches have a little similarity between them. Of course, you can see it in the name itself. In EEE one has to study both electrical stuff along with electronics. This electronics they learn is common along with which they learn communication as well in ECE. Stuff like analog transmission, digital and analog communication can be found here.



Civil Engineering


This is probably the only thing that I knew before Ive started my engineering. Majority of the common people are also aware of what the job of a civil engineer entails. If you were ever interested in drawing up a plan for a proper building, to construct bridges, or if you’ve ever really looked at an awesome building and wanted to build something like that then Civil engineering is the way to go.



Chemical Engineering:


Contrary to popular belief, just having a liking to chemistry is not enough to decide to go into chemical Engineering although it does help. The branch takes you in depth in topics like thermodynamics and heat transfer. Chemical focus is a lot more on the industrial processes happening like how exactly do we get petroleum etc


If you like chemistry, this branch will look good to you, but keep in mind that you will end up learning so much more than the normal chemistry you’ve been acquainted with so far.


Mechanical Engineering


Or more popularly known as the guys branch. Although, as a girl I am proud to admit that this trend is slowly changing, this branch is still majorly ruled by guys. Do bikes and cards interest you? Have you always wanted to help build one or maybe even tinker with the engine? Thus branch does have a little more hands on work like with welding and lathe machines. But it is called an evergreen branch and has a lot of scopes.


Of course whatever you’ve read above is not the only thing that will be in that respective branch, but it should give you a gist of what the branch entails. Every branch has equal opportunities, the key is to enjoy what you will be learning the next four year. So re-read it again and decide which one seems like the best for you because it will decide the course of your future for the next couple of years.