By Pranathi Alla, 3rd-year Computer Science & Engineering, NITK.


Picture Credit: Google Images



This question is quite often asked by students all over India. To make you properly understand this question let me give you an example.


Rita and Sowmya are both 16-year-old girls that study in the same school. Both of them have the same intellectual capacities. But Rita is rich whereas Sowmya is not, so when they’ve realized that their teachers weren’t explaining the concepts properly, Rita has home tutoring whereas sowmya couldn’t afford it. In effect, they both ended up having different grades.


Although this is a little confusing, the takeaway from the story is that because Rita was rich, she was presented with more opportunities. Similarly, a reputed college is also rich, education wise. Being in such a college will ensure you will have ample amount of opportunities to grow in every which direction.


From campus placements to just the all around atmosphere created by mingling with students with high aspirations will create an impact on your academic growth. Reputed professors are usually found in the top colleges. Better equipment to carry out better research can also be found here.


Many people might tell you that it doesn’t really matter what college you go to because ultimately it is you that has to work and make opportunities. That is very true. But if you were to bake a cake, which takes more effort? The instant cake mix or making it from scratch?




Finally, it all boils down to opportunities. If you were in a good college, you will be presented with them. If the college you join isn’t one of the best, then you make your own opportunities. So even if you didn’t get into your dream college, no sweat! Search online and study online materials whenever in doubt. There are numerous competitions for branch specific topics that you can participate for applying the knowledge you’ve gained hands on. Success isn’t easy. Keep trying and make yourself better that those studying in reputed colleges. It is entirely possible.



There is no easy way to success”