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The most awaited exam of session 2016-2017 has finally taken place and a lot of efforts and struggles have come to an end of submission to become a result of higher level, lot of hearts are happy with their performance, some minds have come to peace and lot of souls remained tensed confused because that is the beauty of JEE-ADVANCED. Every year lot of house are light up with Deepaks in the celebration and others in the planning of something even more better and far-sighted their future right after this time of JEE ADVANCED. We will soon talk about the analysis of JEE ADVANCED exam paper as well as how JEE ADVANCED affects your life.


But for now, without any more delay, let’s have a look at this year answer key for JEE ADVANCED 2017.


We present you the Answer Key for JEE ADVANCED by Resonance experts –


Paper 1(English) Paper 1 (Hindi) Paper2 (English + Hindi)
0  Code-0  Code-0(1)  Code-0-v1
1  Code-1  Code-1(1)  Code-1(2)
2  Code-2  Code-2(1)  Code-2(2)
3  Code-3  Code-3(1)  Code-3(2)
4  Code-4-v2  Code-4  Code-4-v2
5  Code-5  Code-5(1)  Code-5(2)
6  Code-6  Code-6(1)  Code-6(2)
7  Code-7  Code-7(1)  Code-7(2)
8  Code-8  Code-8(1)  Code-8-v3
9  Code-9  Code-9(1)  Code-9(2)



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